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EO Lavender Bubble Bath
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Item Description:

EO Lavender Bubble Bath is our customerís favorite way to enjoy a romantic hotel room. This product typically tops the list of extra products we sell, and one we enjoy thoroughly ourselves. The EO stands for Essential Oils, and the EO Lavender Bubble Bath is made of a natural aeromatic French Lavender blend to help sooth your mind, and hops and fig extracts to moisturize your skin.

Lavender Bubble Baths can be used for many different celebrations. Our customers use it to relax after a long night of getting married, before a night of debauchery out on the town, or to kick off a long night of passion. Because the bubble bath is natural, you will have more rich, pillowy bubbles to soak in. Whether itís a moment alone or a moment with company, when you breathe in, do make sure you picture the never-ending fields of lavender stretching across the French countryside.

The EO Lavender Bubble Bath is designed to deliver four key benefits:

  1. Essential Oils
    Let your senses relax. The natural sent of Lavender and Lavendin oils help melt your thoughts into one blissful smile.
  2. Moisturizing Complex
    The nautral moisturizing vegetable glyderin combines with fig and hops extracts, leaving skin silky smooth.
  3. Coconut Cleansing Complex
    Clean your skin at the same time with a rich, pillowy foam of coconut extract.
  4. Organic Herbal Blend
    Vitamin E and antioxidants top off this artfully crafted bubble bath. Enjoy the health benefits of Chamomile, Calendula, White Tea, and Organic Aloe Vera extracts.

Bubble Baths were originally created using soap flakes, but later surface surfactants were popularized in the 1936 play The Woman. In the 1960s, mass marketing convinced housewives to bathe their children using bubble baths as an equivalent substitute for soap. Only recently have they been used for romantic evenings, with a surface of bubbles used to keep water warm longer while creating an understood atmosphere of luxury.

To maximize the health benefits, make sure you give a massage and ask for one in return, allowing the complex to deeply penetrate your skin. We suggest pouring half of the contents into the bath initially, then add more as needed.

EO Lavender Bubble Bath

  • Jeffrey Yapp-Ellis customer review
    My husband was blown away. I expected it to be nice- but the effect was magical...

    Jeffrey Yapp-Ellis
    Honeymoon @ Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Juliette Simmons customer review
    I would never have been able to pull off the surprise and level of romance by myself, so thank you to Uberoom for providing us an amazing memory...

    Juliette Simmons
    Celebration @ Courtyard New Orleans Downtown
  • Tommy Hollahan customer review
    What a unique way to WOW your wife! Uberoom helped us celebrate our 1st Anniversary...

    Tommy Hollahan
    Anniversary @ Private Residence
  • Caitlin Rushakoff customer review
    ...we will continue to use Uberoom for our anniversaries and special occasions.

    Caitlin Rushakoff
    Anniversary @ Holiday Inn Express Louisville
  • Joe Sorrells customer review
    Thanks guys for coming through in a pinch. The room looked awesome and she loved it. I would definitely use you guys again!!!!!!

    Joe Sorrells
    Anniversary @ The Pechanga Resort and Casino
  • Lynn De La Ossa customer review
    ...you did a fabulous job of getting my package there on time and coordinating with the staff to get the room gorgeously decorated! Thank you, I highly recommend you.

    Lynn De La Ossa
    Birthday @ Gosby House Inn
  • Lance Piotrowski customer review
    All very high quality items and great service. Highly recommended. Thanks uberoom!

    Lance Piotrowski
    Anniversary @ Private Residence
  • Michael Jackson customer review
    The best thing about Uberoom was how easy it was. Order it online and everything is set up when you open the door to your hotel room.

    Michael Jackson
    Valentine's Day @ Omni Houston Galleria Hotel
  • Brie Williams customer review
    You guys were on time and made my room better than expected. The process was almost too easy...

    Brie Williams
    Birthday and Anniversary @ Intercontinental Hotel Miami
  • Destiny Henderson customer review
    ...we had a very great experience with the company and look forward to placing our next order.

    Destiny Henderson
    Anniversary @ Private Residence