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The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Package
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The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Package

Room Decoration Package Description:

  • 2 tall glass champagne flutes, with the option to add more
  • 1 750 ml bottle of Rosatello Sparkling Rose Champagne
  • 500 sparkling pink diamonds scattered on tables around your room
  • 3 mini cupcake soaps
  • 1 luxiourous 6 ft pink feather boa
  • 1 gemstone studded black bachelorette sach
  • 1 delicate pearl-drop rhinestone tiara
  • 16 self-adhesive Girlfriend of the Bachelorette name tags
  • 1 Pin the Macho on the Man Party Game, complete with wall safe, low-adhesion tape
  • 1 soft satin night mask
  • 1 pair pink fuzzy handcuffs
  • 12 pink latex party balloons
  • 1 beautiful cotton centerpiece liner
  • 6 natural hangover prevention pills
  • 3 pair Footpetals Tip Toes feet cushions
  • 1 optional personal message card
  • 6 optional Godiva signature assorted rich chocolate truffles
  • 1 optional stainless steel champagne chiller

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Package guarantees your night to be the Bachelorette Party everyone else wich they had. The Package not only includes everything in the Starter Kit but adds the famous "Pin the Macho on the Man" game and items to play the game right - like a satin eye mask and fuzzy pink handcuffs. Pink balloons, high-heel foot cushions, and NoHang herbal hangover pills top off the greatest Bachelorette Party you every planned. Set-up is included at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental! Package includes copies of The Bestest, Baddest Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Package

  • champagne flutes with pink champagne

    2 elegant, tall 6 oz. glass champagne flutes (add more below).

  • pink champagne

    Made from premium Italian grapes with hints of sweet strawberries and raspberries, Rosatello Sparkling Rose Champagne is the perferct way to start a relaxing evening. Our customers have enjoyed the bright acidity balanced with a fresh, satisfying finish. Enjoy in a champagne glass: 1 750 ml bottle (add more below).

  • pink diamonds

    Sparkling pink diamonds will be scattered on tables around the room. Just like real diamonds, they are faceted, transparent, and beautifully reflect light: 500 pieces.

  • cupcake shaped soaps

    3 mini cupcake soaps gently clean while overwhelming you with cuteness.

  • pink feather boa

    This luxurious 80g, 6 foot pink feather boa will help top off a playful evening!

  • bachelorette party sash

    The sleek black diamante bachelorette sash is studded in gemstones and features a silver print.

  • bachelorette party tiara

    Delicate Pearl-Drop Tiara or a Sparkling Rhinestone Tiara.

  • bachelorette party name tags

    16 self-adhesive Girlfriend of the Bachelorette Name Tags. Use your real name for remembering your fellow partiers or come-up with fake names for the evening!

  • pin the macho on the man game

    This bachelorette party game is currently the most popular and involves pegging various items to a poster of a bulls-eyed hunk. Blindfold, spin, and repeat until everyone has had several turns. Comes with delicate wall-safe tape.

  • blindfold mask

    Use this soft satin night mask for playing the Pin the Macho on the Man Game. Let the Bachelorette keep it for some fun in the future.

  • fuzzy hand cuffs

    You’ll find plenty of uses for these pink fuzzy cuffs throughout the night, and beyond. Comes with a quick release button just in case you loose the key.

  • pink balloons

    12 11-inch pink latex balloons.

  • napkin

    Beautiful mini liner sets the centerpiece for your food and drinks.

  • hangover pills

    6 natural hangover prevention pills. NoHang’s botanical complex lets you have a great time tonight and wake-up with a smile tomorrow.

  • heel pads

    Footpetals Tip Toes cushions let you dance the night away in the highest of heels without the pain: 3 pair.

  • personalized card

    Your personal message will be printed on a card and sealed in our recognizable bright yellow envelope.

  • chocolate truffles

    Not included: 6 Godiva signature assorted rich chocolate truffles. Delicious shortbread heart cookies are shipped during the summer months. Add below.

  • stainless steel chiller

    Not included: smoothly polished stainless steel champagne chiller. Add below.

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Q: What if I don't have a reservation yet?
A: You can still order a package. In the checkout, just enter "no reservation" in hotel fields. Then get a hotel from Uberoom or any other source, and reply to your Order Confirmation Email with the hotel name and confirmation number.
Q: Do I call my hotel?
A: Nope. All you have to do is order and we handle everything else.
Q: Which hotels, B&Bs, or VRBOs can I get decorated?
A: Yours! Any one in the U.S.! Your card is not charged until set-up is confirmed.
Q: What if I change my mind?
A: You can save $25.00 and set it up yourself, change your reservation, or cancel your order.
Q: Do we get to keep everything?
A: Yes. Everything is yours to keep.
Q: Can we order last minute?
A: Order early and get free shipping!
Q: Can I surprise a loved one?
A: Yes! Even if a reservation is in someone else's name, we make sure everyone keeps it a surprise.
Q: Do I get a contact at my hotel, B&B, or vacation rental?
A: Yes. We give you a contact in case you have any last minute changes.

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