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The Weekender
free hotel room decorating
  • romantic room decoration with red satin sheets
  • romantic room decoration with white satin sheets
  • romantic room decoration with black satin sheets

Room Decoration Package Description:

  • 2 tall glass champagne flutes
  • 8 cups of either gorgeous wedding quality Colombian mountain rose petals or sensual silk rose petals. Note: Colombian rose petals take 2 hours to rehydrate and late orders will be substituted with a larger amount of silk rose petals for the same price.
  • 12 candles and votive holders
  • 1 bottle of champagne, sparkling cider, or waters
  • 1 optional set of black, red, or white sexy satin cover sheets
  • 12 Godiva European heart buscuits (8 Godiva signature assorted rich chocolate truffles when out of stock)
  • 1 Kama Sutra Weekender Kit that includes Sweet Honey Dust, Oil of Love, Stimulating Pleasure Balm, Love Liquid Lubricant, and Sweet Almond Massage Oil
  • 3 mini heart soaps
  • 1 beautiful cotton centerpiece liner
  • 1 optional romantic personal message card
  • 1 optional stainless steel champagne chiller

Get someone to watch the kids (or dog, cat, fish...) and sneak away for several memorable days of fun.  Better yet, The Weekender Package is great for spending some quality time with the one you love right at home.  Enjoy Godiva’s signature biscuits before you explore with Kama Sutra’s Weekender Kit.  Inside, you’ll find the Original Oil of Love, Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm, Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust and feather applicator, Sweet Almond Massage Oil, Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant.  Beautiful red rose petals on top of cool black satin sheets help top off a weekend to never forget. Select Set-up Service and we will decorate your hotel room for your next romantic day at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental!

The Weekender

  • champagne flutes

    2 elegant, tall 6 oz. glass champagne flutes.

  • rose petals

    8 cups of either gorgeous wedding quality Colombian mountain rose petals or sensual silk rose petals. Note: Colombian rose petals take 2 hours to rehydrate and late orders will be substituted with a larger amount of silk rose petals for the same price.

  • romantic candles

    12 candles and votive holders: real-flicker battery candles are for hotel use and tea lights are shipped for home use.

  • champagne

    Choose one or an alternative if we can not ship alcohol to your state: Freixinet Cordon Negro Brut is well-balanced, crisp, and clean with a medium-bodied flavor, Rosatello Sparkling Rose has flavors of fresh strawberries and raspberries that pair great with chocolate, and Dom Perignon has an intense yet creamy flavor of dried fruits and smoky qualities.

  • satin sheets

    Optional: sexy satin sheets will cover your linens and provide a final touch of sleek opulance. Choose from black, red, or white.

  • chocolate heart biscuits

    12 European heart biscuits covered in rich, dark Godiva chocolate and filled with smooth chocolate truffle creme.

  • kama sutra weekender kit

    Kama Sutra’s Weekender Kit includes Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust with a feather applicator: 0.125 oz, Original Oil of Love: 0.175 oz, Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm: 0.125 oz, Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant: 0.2 oz and Sweet Almond Massage Oil: 0.2 oz.

  • heart soaps

    3 mini heart soaps gently clean while overwhelming you with cuteness.

  • napkin

    Beautiful mini liner sets the centerpiece for your food and drinks.

  • personalized message

    Your personal message will be printed on a card and sealed in our recognizable bright yellow envelope.

  • champagne chiller

    Not included: smoothly polished stainless steel champagne chiller. Add below.

Room Decoration Method:
Enter details in checkout
Set-up / Delivery Location:
Set-Up Service: at any Hotel, B&B, or VRBO (+ $25.00)
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Rose Petal Message on the bed:
Rose Petals & Sheets:
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Q: What if I don't have a reservation yet?
A: You can still order a package. In the checkout, just enter "no reservation" in hotel fields. Then get a hotel from Uberoom or any other source, and reply to your Order Confirmation Email with the hotel name and confirmation number.
Q: Do I call my hotel?
A: Nope. All you have to do is order and we handle everything else.
Q: Which hotels, B&Bs, or VRBOs can I get decorated?
A: Yours! Any one in the U.S.! Your card is not charged until set-up is confirmed.
Q: What if I change my mind?
A: You can save $25.00 and set it up yourself, change your reservation, or cancel your order.
Q: Do we get to keep everything?
A: Yes. Everything is yours to keep.
Q: Can we order last minute?
A: Order early and get free shipping!
Q: Can I surprise a loved one?
A: Yes! Even if a reservation is in someone else's name, we make sure everyone keeps it a surprise.
Q: Do I get a contact at my hotel, B&B, or vacation rental?
A: Yes. We give you a contact in case you have any last minute changes.

  • Jeffrey Yapp-Ellis customer review
    My husband was blown away. I expected it to be nice- but the effect was magical...

    Jeffrey Yapp-Ellis
    Honeymoon @ Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Juliette Simmons customer review
    I would never have been able to pull off the surprise and level of romance by myself, so thank you to Uberoom for providing us an amazing memory...

    Juliette Simmons
    Celebration @ Courtyard New Orleans Downtown
  • Tommy Hollahan customer review
    What a unique way to WOW your wife! Uberoom helped us celebrate our 1st Anniversary...

    Tommy Hollahan
    Anniversary @ Private Residence
  • Caitlin Rushakoff customer review
    ...we will continue to use Uberoom for our anniversaries and special occasions.

    Caitlin Rushakoff
    Anniversary @ Holiday Inn Express Louisville
  • Joe Sorrells customer review
    Thanks guys for coming through in a pinch. The room looked awesome and she loved it. I would definitely use you guys again!!!!!!

    Joe Sorrells
    Anniversary @ The Pechanga Resort and Casino
  • Lynn De La Ossa customer review did a fabulous job of getting my package there on time and coordinating with the staff to get the room gorgeously decorated! Thank you, I highly recommend you.

    Lynn De La Ossa
    Birthday @ Gosby House Inn
  • Lance Piotrowski customer review
    All very high quality items and great service. Highly recommended. Thanks uberoom!

    Lance Piotrowski
    Anniversary @ Private Residence
  • Michael Jackson customer review
    The best thing about Uberoom was how easy it was. Order it online and everything is set up when you open the door to your hotel room.

    Michael Jackson
    Valentine's Day @ Omni Houston Galleria Hotel
  • Brie Williams customer review
    You guys were on time and made my room better than expected. The process was almost too easy...

    Brie Williams
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  • Destiny Henderson customer review
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