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How It Works

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1. choose location

Set-up at home yourself, or have us arrange set-up at any Hotel, B&B, or Vacation Rental in the U.S.
2. order Überoom

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3. open door

Your room will be set-up before you arrive, guaranteed.
Q: Do I call and ask them if they can set-up my room?
A: No. We are experts at working with them to set-up your room, so let us call your Hotel, B&B, or Vacation Rental after you order a Package. We guide them over the phone until the moment you open the door!
Q: What if they won't set-up my room?
A: Don't worry, over 99% of the Hotels agree to set-up Überooms! Your credit card is not charged until they agree, at which time we send you a confirmation email. Even in the rare case they refuse, you can set it up yourself with a $25.00 discount, change your reservation to a different Hotel, or cancel altogether.
Q: What if my room is not set-up?
A: We always arrange your Überoom to arrive a day early and have a 110% GUARANTEE! That means if your room is ever not set-up on time, you keep everything, and get 110% of your money back!
Q: Do we keep everything?
A: Yes! Everything is yours to keep.

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