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Überoom Reviews from our Customers

At Überoom, we are honored to work with our customers to be a special part of their celebrations.  The work is rewarding and brings a smile to our faces.  On top of that, some of our customers have been nice enough to share their experiences with us.

You can also find our customer reviews on Yelp! and Trip Advisor.

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The hotel was so amazing!! Thank you for making our Anniversary so much fun,

Hillary E.
Hilton, Springfield, IL

Stumbled upon uberoom on the interwebs through youtube and thought it was a really cool idea for my birthday, so I told my boyfriend to take care of it. He said he just entered the hotel's information and they sent him email updates so he knew the room would be ready. I just wanted a relaxing day away from the office and I'll do it again. We're going to Florida next spring and will be trying another package with satin sheets and massage oil ;) Ask them any question and they'll send you a coupon code too.

Janet E.
Hyatt Place, Kansas City, MO

I wanted to surprise my husband with a romantic getaway for our 5yr Anniversary and completed an internet search for how I could have our room romantically decorated to set the mood upon our arrival. My search came across a company called Uberoom, but I was a bit sceptical because everything was done over internet and phone. The representative walked me through every step of the process and kept me very much informed to the very end. I have used the Baymont Inn on several occassions so I felt comfortable picking this hotel for my very special weekend. The staff was excellent and ensured that once my items arrived from Uberoom, they would have no problem making our room extra special. Needless to say the Baymont Inn staff did an exceptional job and setting the mood for our Romantic Weekend and my husband was both surprised and speechless. I recommend both the Baymont Inn for their exceptional service and Uberoom.com if you are looking for something extra romantic for that special someone for a getaway or even at home. Both companies are outstanding and above standard.

Keisha J.
Baymont Inn and Suites, Springfield, IL

Wow! All I can say is WOW. the room was even more beautiful than the website does it justice. I wanted to take a moment as soon as I could to thank you profusely for having arranged such a magical way to start our next journey together on our honeymoon. Despite being able to check into and get IN to our room 5 hours earlier than expected, the room was breathtaking when we entered.

I do have a question, however, about the dozen roses. those have not arrived yet. I'm assuming it's because we are so early and they are delivered by ProFlowers if memory serves correctly. Maybe they'll be an extra surprise when we get back to the hotel later this evening.

In any case, thank you again. For anyone reading this on the website I highly encourage you to buy a package this moment. The photos can't begin to do justice to just how incredible that moment was to walk into a room filled with flickering candles and rose petals!
I didnt see it, but i had JUSt gotten my netbook out when i messaged you. its entirely possibly they will be here tonite, and an extra surprise. Again- i cant thank you enough! Im trying to use our new camera and the pictures dont do it justice, but I will send you some when i return and have a chance to edit and adjust.

Breathtaking. Just breathtaking.
So, as it turned out they did arrive while we were out last night. I just wanted you to know.

Again- to you and everyone there- I'm so impressed with what you all were able to arrange as a special surprise. Pictures will be forthcoming both in email and on Facebook. i wish they did it justice.


Jeffrey Y.
Disney Animal Kingdom, Orlando, FL

The service was as promised. It was great to get updates every step of the way because I wasn't sure, you know, that it would be there when we got to the hotel room. Everything was set-up and I was so relieved. I can't believe I stressed about it so much but for our Anniversary I guess that's normal. I think my neice is going to use this service for her and her girlfriends trip to Vegas. Compare the prices and you will see why.

Melisa V.
DoubleTree by Hilton, Tuscon, AZ

My wife and I set up a trip to Seattle for Valentine's Day and got the get a way package. It was so easy and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make sure everything was perfect. This is the coolest idea I've come across for hotels since the connection box for plugging in all my electronics.

Alex Q.
Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA

Had my room Überoomed at this historic hotel for my girlfriend's birthday. It was a great place to get way to some quite time together because it was out of season, obviously. We spent most of the time giving each other massages and relaxing away from work. Even though it wasn't far from upstate where we live, we really enjoyed this weekend. Überoom kept us informed by email about when the hotel confirmed that they could set-up our room and why we needed a cover sheet with rose petals. I wanted real candles but the hotel wouldn't allow - it's their policy - but the flicker candles did the job to create an wonderful moood. We spent so much time in the bath I think my fingers are permanantly pruney. To everyone at Überoom, truely thank you,

Shawn W.
Jones Beach Hotel, Wantagh, NY

Used the company to celebrate my wife's promotion. The room looked so much cooler than the website pictures give justice. Such a great time night.

Oliver I.
The Marquette Hotel, Minneapolis, MN

My birthday couldn't have been better if I didn't plan it myself. I did plan it myself, ha ha, but my girlfriend is so busy with school that I decided to plan a quick weekend for us. It was awasome and thank you!

Randie P.
Tremont Plaza Hotel, Baltimore, MD

My partner had a long weekend so we decided to make it special. Using Uberoom at the Radisson saved us hundreds of dollars, we definitely had more fun, and even got to take everything home!

Lucas L.
Radisson Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA

I never heard of Uberoom before but I think everyone should. They are great and made my vacation one to remember. They answered all my questions on the phone and my girl friend cried she was so happy.

Pete H.
La Quinta Inn & Suites, Biloxi, MS

To decorate my sister's bridal suite I wanted to do something special, but the wedding planner said we usually take care of it. I found this service that coordinated with the Four Seasons to make sure the suite was beautifully done and on time.

I can not thank you enough. She cried when she saw the room, even after such an amazing wedding. Thank you so much, you guys truely are a cool company and I wish you nothing but the best,

Wanda O.
Four Seasons, Danbury, CT

My boss got us all the golf package before a round. Pretty sweet - I went and got my putter to practice with the cups in the room. We had a contest in one of the rooms while waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner too. What an awesome gift - just with my score was as awesome.

Ernie A.
Homewood Suites, Smithville, MO

Just wanted to thank you guys for keeping me posted along the way. Everything went smoothly and my wife was completely surprised!

Ric N.
Four Seasons Hotel, St. Louis, MO

My girlfriend loved the room and she said yes (of course). Really, thank you for the proposal ideas. To both Uberoom and Hilton, thank you.

Chad W.
Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel & Spa, San Antonio, TX

Thanks for the decoration service! I ordered the Cool and Fresh Uberoom for our San Diego vacation. The bathing gel actually felt cool! Also, your company's updates gave me peace of mind before we arrived.

Janice P.
Holiday Inn San Diego-Bayside, San Diego, CA

Whoo hoo! Happy 2011 Überoom! Our New Year's party was a hit. Hmmmm... where to next year?

April D.
Westin San Francisco Market Street, San Francisco, CA

Everything was beautiful. Unfortunately the rose petals didn't smell as strong as fresh petals, but I guess the hotel needs to avoid stained sheets! They were still very soft and pretty :) The room was decorated for my parents' Anniversary and it was really cute. Everyone at the hotel loved it too.

Yolanda R.
Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, FL

Cool service. Thanks for helping me out with the hotel.

Joey M.
Best Wetern Inn at Face Rock, Bandon, OR

Thanks for saving me some time planning my boyfriend's birthday! I'm always such a procrastinator. The rose petals were so beautiful!

Tiffany Z.
Hilton Garden Inn, Kitty Hawk, NC

Hey uberoom employees, thank you for decorating our room. I was going to try to get to our hotel early but found your service through TripAdvisor. You saved me a huge headache!

Tyson L.
Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole, Jackson, WY

My wife loved the heart shape of rose petals on the bed.  Thank you for making our 18th anniversary vacation one to remember.

Nathan R.
Harvest Inn, Napa Valley, CA

I had Uberoom set up my hotel room with flowers, candles champagne and satin sheets for my engagement proposal. I wouldn't have been able to pull off the perfect night without their service! Everything was just exactly as I wanted it. They were easy to work with, the price was fair, and it sure took a lot of pressure off of a night where there were a lot of details to worry about. I knew this was one aspect of my night I didn't have to worry with. Once they had the information they needed it was really seemless to me and I appreciated it! I would, and will, recommend Uberoom to anyone who has a special event they need help setting the mood for. Thanks again Uberoom for helping me pull off a night my fiancee and I will remember for the rest of our lives!

Justin T.
AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, Austin TX

Thanks guys for all the help!  I get excited telling people about your service.  Best new idea in hotels since keyless locks.

Erin P.
La Quinta Inn, Jackson, TN

What a unique way to WOW your wife!  Uberoom set up my home to help us celebrate our 1st Anniversary.  Uberoom provided a complete package with satin sheets, rose petals, wine, chocolate, and the personal touch that takes it over the top!  My wife was really impressed when we returned to the house to find what had been set up as a surprise for her.  I know that there are other packages available for numerous occasions, and I will not hesitate to refer Uberoom to my friends and family.  I'll post a couple of pictures of what Uberoom can do for you!

Thank you very much!!!  ;-)

Tommy H.
Private Residence

A friend told me about uberoom on twitter.  Thank you so much for coordinating our room arrangement. I've been working too much lately trying to keep up with this economy and jumped at the chance to finally spend a quality weekend in Miami with my husband. The package we ordered with the Weekender Kit was perfect! So sexy. Loved the feather duster. Thank you SO MUCH for the surprise and a great weekend!

Jessica G.
Hotel Urbano, Miami, FL

I found you guys online when looking for luxury hotels in Austin. I never knew that a room decorating service existed short of what hotels offered and thought I was going to have to decorate myself. You saved me from worrying about distracting the wife, ordering everything, and secretly packing it away for the trip. Opening the hotel to a romantic room with music already playing was amazing. One of our favorite anniversary weekends in one of our favorite cities. Keep growing and best wishes.

Kenny D.
Four Seasons, Austin, TX


How amazing are you?!! Thank you for helping me last minute. The room was spectacular and just what we needed. I'll be recommending Uberoom to all my girls.

Alana S.
Hilton Netherland Plaza, Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted to say thank you for arranging our room at the C'mon Inn. My girlfriend loved our initials spelled out in rose petals so much she didn't want to use the bed! We eventually did ;-)

Doug M.
C'mon Inn, Casper, WY

The anniversary glassware turned out beautifully. The whole package was perfect for us. Jenny teased me about putting you guys on speed dial for when I get in trouble. Needless to say, I'm in good for a while. Thanks for making it a 10th to remember.

Blake T.
Private Residence

Thanks Uberoom! Your sensual healing package was just what the love doctor ordered for this last weekend. My girl wanted to save some of the heart soaps for our next special occasion. Thanks for helping me put a smile on her face.

Solomon H.
Fairfield Inn, Rochester, NY

What a nice birthday surprise. Not only did my wife get me tickets to the Knicks game, but she ordered the NY romantic basketball package. I'd like to thank Uberoom for coordinating on her behalf and for helping to make it a birthday to remember, especially at my age!

Dave L.
Hilton, New York City, NY

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Your service is the uberest! Our room at Treasure Island was decorated with the getaway package for our anniversary. It is our third time there but the first time I heard about your service. We used to have the concierge get us some champagne and flowers for the room but for the same price we got the satin sheets, the rose petals, the cute heart soaps, the candles, the kama sutra kit, and more. I can't believe no one has done this before. Great service, great idea. You'll be hearing from us next year. Your new loyal customer,

Brittney A.
Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Hi guys just wanted to thank you for setting up my room at the Hilton for my proposal. Elizabeth was completely floored. The violinest I prepared worked out really well. Thank you for taking a responsibility off my mind on a very nervous day for me.

Eddie Y.
Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park, Birmingham, AL

Thanks for taking care of the trimmings for my husband's birthday. He's the man that has everything so a little alone time during our trip to Seattle was perfect. I'm so excited for you guys because I know so many busy friends that need your service. Sincerely,

Sandie D.
Paramount Hotel, Seattle, WA

Go Giants! Thanks for making our party one to remember. I can't think of a better way to kick-off a football weekend than with beer on ice at the hotel room. Our two rooms were the talk of the hotel for the rest of the weekend. Talk to you next year!

Jonathan G.
Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington D.C.


Thank you for helping me set-up a super sexy weekend for my husband last minute. I saved money on a hotel and everthing. The kit took me 10 minutes to set-up and we have salts to spare for our next romantic bath!

Tamika A.
Private Residence

I don't know how to thank you all enough. My fiancee was returning from his tour in Iraq and we met them at the airport in Atlanta. I wanted to show him how much I missed him but the hotel didn't offer any special romantic packages. When he opened the door to our room he was as shocked as I was! I cried even though I ordered the package. We had our initials spelled out on the bed just like we carved into benches when we were kids. How sweet! I had no idea a service like your exsisted until I found you online. From me and my man, thanks for making his homecoming amazing.

Maria G.
Radisson Hotel, Atlanta, GA

She said yes! We head off to Costa Rica next week for a much needed vacation. Keep up the great service and thank you for taking care of our special night.

Craig T.
El Monte Sagrado Resort, Taos, NM

Uberoom employees,

I had our room decorated for my husband's 54th birthday. After coming back from the game, we opened the door to champagne on ice and the marching band music. He was floored. The tiny baseball bat and ball are so cute. And the baseball soaps... my husband could not stop laughing!!! Thank you!

Ginny O.
Marriott Hotel, Austin, TX

Everything turned out beautifully!  The people at Hyatt were so excited for us.

Jill S.
Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX

I found you through a Google search and liked how different the idea was.  You ended up saving me both money and time from picking everything up.  The Casanova theme room took me only 15 minutes to turn my bedroom into a romantic suite!  My girlfriend is going around telling all her co-workers about it, so I hope you get some new customers :-)

Damian A.
Private Residence

Thank you for arranging our room at the Blue Harbor Resort.  You made our vacation a memorable Valentine away from the kids.

Jennifer W.
Blue Harbor Resort, Sheboygan, WI

With everything going on with the econonmy and me switching jobs, my wife and I have had a hard time spending some quality time together.  It was hard enough to sell the house, switch our kids to a new school, and then find a new job for her in Kansas City.  For New Year's, I searched for a unique way to show her how much I appreciated her hard work and patience over the last year and stumbled upon your website.

Our room was set-up just like you guys said it would be.  Your attention to the details with the rose petals that don't stain and the candles that are allowed in the hotel is amazing.  The hotel staff was so excited for us!

Thank you for helping us start 2009 on a great note.  It was an emotional experience.  To the people at Uberoom, Happy New Year!

Kevin N.
Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel, Tampa, FL

Thank you for helping us celebrate!  Ann said it was one of the best birthday gifts she ever had.  You guys must have something special here!

Raj S.
Holiday Inn Express, Annapolis, MD