Most Romantic Hotels and Packages in Miami

If you enjoy exploring spectacular art galleries, romantic hotels, shopping malls, and other entertainment spots with your beloved, then Miami is the perfect place to make your dream vacation a reality. Miami's unique island and shoreline location is loaded with glamorous sites, nostalgic architecture, panoramic vistas, and decorated hotels.
Visit the World Erotic Art Museum to witness the amazing artwork from renowned artists like Picasso, Fernando Botero, Rembrandt, Helmut Newton, and several others. Sip refreshing drinks at Nikki Beach Club or relish the famous lime pie of Joe's Stone Crab. Chill out along the tranquil South Beach. Catch the refreshing waves to take your excitement to the next level.

Romantic Hotels in Miami

Even though Miami offers a number of high-class, luxury hotels for couples looking for fun, excitement, and romance out on the town, we still recommend you reserve a room in a hotel that can help you enjoy your alone time. If your tight schedule didn't give you a chance to make a reservation in your desired hotel room, let Uberoom help you out with a romantic package. With our exceptional room decoration services, Uberoom can add the right mood to your hotel room.

Epic Hotel

Situated in the financial district of Miami, book this riverside hotel and take full advantage of it's magical location. Having a total of 411 rooms and suites, this hotel gives its guests a chance to observe the Miami River flowing into dolphin-inhabited Biscayne Bay. It also presents spectacular views of Brickell Avenue, Brickell Key, and the city's skyline. Don't miss their spa, complete with 14 therapy rooms and an infrared sauna.

This hotel gives you easy access to James L. Knight International Center. Established in 1982, it has hosted some of the most important political, entertainment, and business events in the city's history with many more events on the calendar today. Check out their website for current details. Go out on the Biscayne Bay to explore Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. If you are a beach aficionado, this paradise will open new doors of excitement for you.

The James Royal Palm

This beachfront luxury hotel is just minutes away from Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive, and South Beach. It offers refreshing fun, entertainment, and an ultimate shopping experience. Designed by the famous Lauren Rottet and newly renovated, original designs like the terrazzo floor's compass rose, porthole lobby windows, and the original green glass reception desk. Triple distilled water and wi-fi service is complimentary throughout the property.

South Beach is the perfect place where you can take a sunrise stroll and enjoy sparkling blue water with your beloved. Gaze at the surrounding buildings to have an idea about the golden period of architecture. Relish appetizing seafood at CATCH. Your food will be served in numerous small plates so that you can share your meal and show your love at the same time.

Casa Grande Suite Hotel

Located on Ocean Drive and also near South Beach, this hotel reflects European architecture. Its strategic location gives you easy access to the famous shops, restaurants, and clubs of Miami. Offering 34 suites, this hotel creates comfortable, peaceful environment for its guests.

Browse through innumerable restaurants, cafes, galleries and stores in Lincoln Road Mall. If you fancy live entertainment, then Jackie Gleason Theater is the perfect romantic getaway for you. Take in the natural majesty of Lummus Park as you stroll along its lush grassy areas.

Arty, romantic, vibrant, and cool – Miami is an ideal place you can relax with your beloved. We hope you get a chance to enjoy both the seafood and energetic club scene in this amazing city.

Most Romantic Hotels and Packages in San Francisco

One visit to San Francisco and you'll see why Tony Bennett left his heart there. The eclectic City by the Bay is filled with of outdoor loving, start-up funding, seemingly-endless energy people. Our customers have found San Francisco to be a welcoming city, with romantic nooks and crannies abound. Hop on the famous cable cars to explore the city's exciting attractions. If you're a music lover, get lost in Amoeba Music and you'll forget the outside world exists. This great music store frequently presents free musical performances, so check their calendar. San Francisco is also packed with numerous art galleries. The best thing about these galleries is that they are free to visit. So grab your beloved's hand, go for a stroll, and take as many in as your legs allow.

Romantic Hotels in San Francisco

Once you've spent your exciting moments on the streets of San Francisco, get back to your hotel to enjoy some romantic down time with your partner. Don't forget to arrange for a hotel room decoration package from Überoom to make your quality time even more memorable.

Argonaut Hotel

Argonaut Hotel

Taking inspirations from the Greek era, this grand hotel was constructed in 1907. It offers beautiful views of amazing sights like Golden Gate Bridge. Located close to Fisherman's Wharf, this hotel allows you to satisfy your olfactory senses with the tempting aromas of freshly baked French bread and steaming crab pots.

There are numerous romantic experiences available within walking distance from the Argonaut. Much more than just a historical site where the local industry's fleet docks, Fisherman's Wharf will let you observe the cultural elements of San Francisco. Accompany your partner to the ice skating rink of Union Square. Make Variety Shop your next stop to buy stylish bags, accessories, or clothing for your beloved.

Stanford Court San Francisco

Stanford Court

Located just four blocks away from Union Square, this hotel is situated on Nob Hill. It has a total of 393 rooms having special amenities for guests (like the fastest wifi around in case your romantic trip has some business demands). It's also just moments away from the famous cable cars, Chinatown, Ferry Building, and Fisherman's Wharf. In fact, 3 cable car lines are present right outside this hotel. So hop on to explore San Francisco's great landmarks and neighborhoods.

Once out of your hotel room, explore San Francisco's dynamic China Town. Offering plenty of Taoist temples, shops, and restaurants, this area is an amazing tourist destination. Union Square is full of great shopping and restaurats and is the safe bet for a unique, romantic experience.

Layne Hotel

Designed in 1912, this hotel has been recently renovated to maintain its original grandeur, yet still remains one of the best deals in San Francisco. Located in the center of Union Square District, this hotel is just a few minutes from the city's finest eateries, art galleries, and shops. You'll also find Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and Westfield San Francisco Center Shopping Mall close to this hotel.

Theater District is only two blocks from Layne Hotel. So this is your chance to see some of the best plays in San Francisco. Grab a blanket from the hotel (don't get it too dirty), a bottle of wine, a cheese plate, and check the film night calendar to enjoy your favorite romantic movie in any of the city's open-air cinemas.

When you're in San Francisco with your beloved, prepare yourself for an ultimate romantic experience. Don't try to walk the entire Golden Gate bridge in heels, use the cable cars as much as possible, and make sure you stop atop one of the many hills to quietly soak in the sights of beautiful San Francisco.

How Uberoom is Growing: A Small Business Success Story

It's been an exciting and of course challenging 6 years here at Überoom. Not to sound brash (like that ever happens) but when I started the company I was well aware of the obstacles. We have a unique business model, and the reason copycat companies exist, typically, is because they serve a large enough market. Case studies noted that it would be slow going for non-venture capital funded, combined product and service company like ours. While my generation starts software companies that must grab a loyal client base and, typically, hopes to sell out before time and money run out, we decided to be a little different. There are zero companies that operate quite like we do. This lack of copycat companies has its pros and cons. Every day, many times a day, we explain how we work with hotels to have rooms decorated for our customers. We've come a long way from when I actually lived out of the tiny office warehouse on the East side of Austin, Texas, making sure we were as conservative as possible and saved as much money as possible to ensure we had these years to learn and to improve. I consider myself fortunate to understand the odds, and what it would take to hone our business model, let alone survive or grow.

Along with utilizing great, knowledgeable contractors to fuel our expansion, we've made changes to almost everything we do. Before the company was founded, we actually considered having employees or contractors in each of the larger US cities. I can thank a good friend for convincing me not to because it turns out, hotels actually enjoy making their guests happy. Employees enjoy doing things that are outside their typical daily duties too. The key is to keep our packages simple and quick to set-up, and yet also create a unique, beautiful experience.

But how do people hear about us? Well, we've tried every type of marketing under the sun. We knew that partnering was going to be essential, and it still is the best way for customers to find us. Now our independent marketing efforts are almost 100% online. Our sales partnerships are founded primarily on a try us before we get too far along in explaining strategy, simply because sometimes the explaining often takes longer than setting-up a room and seeing it for themselves. For each package, we would create the single-page directions in multiple languages by hand. Since then we have developed a directions creation program, unique and automatically created for each order. Our customer service processes started great and continue to get better through standardization, training, and above all, putting our customers first. It's not every day I would celebrate a wedding, so I expect the bridal suites for which we coordinate the decoration are appropriately special!

Now when new customers find us, they go through the process of asking “Is this real?” and “What hotels do you work with?” All we can do is tell them we don't have contractual partnerships with all 40,000 hotels or B&Bs in the US, but that 98% of the new hotels we approach are happy to hear that we are different and agree to work with us. If they know how everything is tailored to ensure an efficient set-up, designed to be safe for their carpet and linens, that average set-up time is 12 minutes, and we compensate them as if, in those 12 minutes, they just performed open-heart surgery, then there is a good chance we just gained a new partner. Customers need to know we deliver every package to arrive the day before, which is why we try to get orders in early to avoid rush fees. In fact, instead of just providing free shipping, we are even toying with the idea of paying our customers to order early! Why? Because, albeit rarely, there are shipping delays, and we always want to make sure your special celebration goes smoother than a hot knife through butter. From very early on, we chose having all our packages be set-up on time was better than saving money on shipping. Sure the rush charges cover some of these costs, but when it's up to us to verify every detail with the right people at a customer's hotel, it doesn't matter if the order was in on time, we will end up paying for expedited shipping. On top of building in a day buffer, we also implemented a 110% Guarantee from very early on. This 110% Guarantee states if our package does not arrive on time to get your room decorated, we will pay you back all your money AND 10% more, as well as insist you keep the contents of your package. All this amounts to less risk than ordering flowers to be delivered from your nearby corner florist that uses paper orders or a gift basket company with stale cookies on their shelves. Does this garner trust? We know it's up to the individual. But we help our customers rest assured by keeping them updated every step of the way. We also call into each and every hotel the morning the set-up is scheduled, and sometimes in the afternoons as well, just to make sure any questions are answered, the room is in fact finished, and it is decorated to our highest of standards. Have there been mistakes, shortcomings, or even confusion? Of course there has, and we know well enough to correct and improve from them. But guess what? The number of happy customers we serve grows each year, the number of happy anniversaries we serve with loved ones calling each other cute nicknames in their cards or with a message of rose petals on the bed grows each year, the number of times we hear a hotel employee had fun decorating the room grows each year, and even the number of times a room is decorated for a proposal and we get a reply email saying “They said yes!” grows each year. It should be no surprise to us then, that the number of times we get a little teary-eyed while working, also grows each year.

I think I can say that my co-workers and contractors have a hard time finding a more rewarding business to be a part of. Sure there are historically more rewarding professions that involve saving people's lives, teaching children to read, or maybe making people laugh by putting on a good show, right? Well, for every special request that comes in, we intend to put on a good show. Our customers trust this moment in their lives to be perfect. Making sure we improve in handling our customers and their special requests in an efficient, effective manner is a constant exercise in greatness, but when we get the engagement proposal request for the girlfriend of 4 years or the package order for a parent's 40th Anniversary, it's so incredibly easy for us to stop, smile, and reflect on why Überoom was created. We know nearly everyone is busy with the daily grind. We are too. We're all trying to make it, to provide for our children, our families, ourselves, and even just to prove to ourselves what we are made of. That takes time, and in an increasingly competitive world that demand for time often makes it difficult to say thank you to the people that are important in your life. The great thing about Überoom and why it makes us so happy is that it maximizes our customers' time while they make some pretty sweet plans, creating an experience that stays in their minds and dear to their hearts.

Our customers may or may not think about it, but every time they trust us to make sure their experience is special, we wish they understood that the reason we were founded, our history, our systems, and our people work hard not just to make their experience great, but special enough to be once in a lifetime. For giving us that level of trust, we thank you.

Most Romantic Hotels and Packages in Las Vegas

We often get the question “Are there romantic things to do in Vegas?” Our customers' experiences have varied greatly on the romance-o-meter, but one thing we do know is that when couples visit Sin City everyone has a great time, despite the hangover.
Las Vegas has a unique combination of naughty and dramatic elements to rekindle passion in your loving relationship. Did you know that 17 of the largest 20 hotels in America are right here!? Did you know that the new CityCenter development employs 12,000 people? Although for most, this city might not be the best place to find true love, it is definitely the city where you can love having a passionate weekend with that special someone. Popular for its exciting nightlife, shopping, gambling, dining, and cultural activities, Vegas is a city where you can find all forms of entertainment. From the Mandalay Bay Beach to thrilling car racing and from the Bellagio's breathtaking fountains to iconic Caesars Palace, exploring Las Vegas is similar to riding a rousing roller coaster.
Find the most famous poker games at Golden Nugget. Don't forget to enjoy waterslides that take you through a shark tank. Tight on budget? Go visit Casino Royale to have the cheapest entertainment with your partner. Raise your glass at the world-class bars and pubs. And if you're looking for a peaceful, romantic hideaway, then Ghostbar should be your destination.

Romantic Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of affordable, stylish resorts and hotels. But if you want to make your romantic trip simply unforgettable for your partner, then consider using Uberoom's room decoration packages and services. From bright colors to fragrant candles and beautiful flowers to magical centerpieces, their decorations add loads of romantic elements to set the mood in your hotel room.

Wynn Las Vegas

Popularly known as the Wynn, this luxury casino and resort is situated on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Just moments from The Strip, this hotel can be your base to some of the best romantic destinations. The hotel is famous for their shows, and their current aquatic themed acrobatic show Le Reve was recently voted best in Las Vegas.
For another, even more famous water show, get to nearby the Bellagio fountains to witness the renowned jumping fountain. Feeling hungry? After a round at the Wynn Golf Club, satisfy your taste buds and cool down at popular Luv-it Frozen Custard with rich, appetizing ice-cream desserts. If you have too many quarters and nickels, make sure to play the slots at Gold Coast, Sahara, or Palms.

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas is a lavish casino and hotel situated on the Fremont Street Experience. Offering the biggest casino in the downtown region, this hotel presents 2,345 suites and rooms to its guests. Once you enter this hotel, you'll be amazed with its grand interior decoration. You'll find the world's biggest gold nugget, the Hand of Faith, in the hotel's lobby.

Relish scrumptious cuisines at the hotel's specialty restaurants. Witness the shark tank, sip a refreshing cocktail at the Dive Bar, and loosen up with a special massage. If you are looking for a couples massage, search online for ongoing deals. Visit Fashion Show Mall where you can splurge while getting entertained.

Rumor Boutique Hotel

Our customers have had nothing but great things to say about this new modern hotel. Located just over a mile East of the strip, this hotel is showing the big players there is room for modern, customer-service oriented hotels away from the action. Free high speed internet, bar/lounge, free parking, and a swimming pool all welcome the cost conscious without sacrificing romance. Many rooms have jacuzzi tubs. The most common problem with this hotel are the non-wired smoke detectors, so make sure if yours beeps, to simply ask for a battery change!

Located right by UNLV, if you so choose, you could always walk to catch a college basketball game. Taxis are on the more expensive side in Las Vegas, so make sure the location fits in your travel plans. Located directly across from the Hard Rock hotel, you could always make your way over and catch a concert.

Wherever you end up, remember that in Las Vegas you can have fun both as a couple or doing activities on your own, as long as you plan on making your trip devilishly romantic in between! We hope you explore the magnificence of Vegas with your partner to fall in love with the city and your beloved all over again.

Most Romantic Hotels and Packages in New York City

If you're looking to spend some intimate, memorable moments with your loved one, then pack your bags and book the next flight to New York City. Whether you get to pop that special question, enjoy your honeymoon, or celebrate your wedding anniversary, the Big Apple has plenty of romantic spots just perfect for your special occasion. New York City, the city that never sleeps, will surely make things even more exciting for you once the sun sets.

Regardless of the season you choose to visit NYC, Central Park will add magic to your romantic moments. Take a carriage ride with your spouse to explore the city with ease. Have fun at the Rockfeller Center's skating rink. Share a steaming mug of coffee with your beloved while you enjoy the Big Apple's scenic beauty at an open-air café.

Speaking of cafés, if you wander over to Brooklyn to check out their newly renovated waterfront, don't forget to visit River Café. Delicious food, spectacular view, and friendly service are only a few highlights of this amazing restaurant. What makes River Café the ultimate romantic spot is its location right at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. Gaze at the radiant lights of Manhattan that add bright colors to the river's sparkling water. When dinner is over, wander over to the beautifully renovated Jane's Carousel and feel like a teenager in puppy love all over again.

Romantic Hotels in New York City

The list of romantic destinations in NYC is almost never-ending. No matter what you do and where you go, reserve a room in any NYC hotel and use Uberoom's hotel decoration services to get your special spot that much more romantic.

Park Lane Hotel

Located in Midtown Manhattan, this 46-floor luxury hotel lets you enjoy the popular NYC skyline. From elegant suites to regal ballroom and from well-designed lobby to exquisite bars and lounges, the hotel's décor reflects the majestic European style. This hotel is just a few minutes away from Broadway theaters, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Fifth Avenue Shopping.

If music is your forté (wow, we have a lot of és in this post), the grand Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is the place to visit. Whether you enjoy ballet, Mozart, jazz, or the New York Metropolitan Opera, don't miss your favorite musical performance to make your time truly special. Nothing can be more romantic and classic than a Broadway show followed by a scrumptious candlelight dinner at a sophisticated restaurant.

The Edison Hotel

Located in one of the most vibrant areas of Manhattan, the Edison Hotel was designed in 1931. It offers plenty of entertainment and dining opportunities in the vicinity to keep you entertained. You can visit The Rum House to enjoy exquisite cocktails and witness classic musical acts. Let the hotel's grand ballroom, The Edison Ballroom, take your breath away with its posh ambiance.

While staying in this hotel, you can easily access Times Square, Broadway theaters, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and much more. Go hand-in-hand with your beloved and make the most of the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. The magnificent Radio City Music Hall is located in the Rockefeller Center, where you can take in the best visiting acts the city can offer.

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

If you are looking for one of the most romantic hotels with a view of the bustling Times Square, our guests have recommended the Sheraton New York Times Square. Book early enough and request a view of the Square, but be specific, because some views are partial and others are amazing! The hotel is massive, complete with a restaurant and solid rooms. You are in a touristy area, without a doubt, so be aware that the amount of people in the streets may be overwhelming. This massive, 1,781 room newly-renovated hotel is pet friendly and has a fitness center, bar/lounge, and business center for you to get everything done before you enjoy some quality time!

Times Square is a 5 minute walk to both the Theater District and Central Park. The nearby restaurants in the Time Warner Center off Columbus Circle are some of the best in the world. Within walking distance is the renowned Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and countless theaters. What is not nearby but worth checking out is Chelsea Market and the newly renovated High Line. Perfect for a romantic picnic followed by a sunset walk, the High Line Trail is an outdoor walkway that amounts to nothing short of a piece of walkable art.

We hope you get a chance to check out some of our romantic suggestions and packages. Even locals know there is so much to do here that you will never have enough time to experience it all, so please make sure you take some time to just stop, relax, and take in special moments with your loved one. It goes without saying that a couple looking to spend some romantic moments alone will surely find love, passion, excitement, entertainment, and much more in NYC.