15 Most Romantic Anniversary Destinations in the U.S.: In Pictures

Our research has found the most romantic anniversary destination ideas, like this red sand beach at Kaihalulu Bay, Hawaii. (Source: Courtney Nash)

We are always searching for the most romantic anniversary destinations for our customers. And they do change. Resorts are built, towns change, and the hottest, most romantic anniversary spot seemingly appears from nowhere. With the help of our travel agent partners that always know if a new hotel was just finished by the latest secluded beach, or if a little known restaurant is getting rave reviews, we’ve compiled the 15 most romantic anniversary destinations.

Because everyone has a different idea of what is romantic for them, we made sure to have a variety of destinations to choose from. From the beach with clear blue water to the snow-capped mountains, both of which I hope you took advantage of as engagement proposal ideas, we suggest you put a few of these locations on your list. And don’t forget to check back for updates!

Romantic Anniversary Beach Destinations

Kaihalulu Bay, Hawaii

Kaihalulu Bay hit the jackpot. It’s lucky enough to claim one of the most beautiful and unique beach coves on earth. The beach is known quite simply as Red Sand Beach, which is more like a red black that starkly contrasts against the blue water, black sea wall, and green ironwood forest. The iron rich hill constantly erodes, generously making the cove larger as time ticks by – a beautiful thought I hope you get to ponder if you are lucky enough to escape here.

Drive to the end of Uakea and park on the correct side of the street. Bring shoes, but you can still do the hike in flip flops if you forget. The short but slightly dangerous trail makes the beach difficult to access. Be careful to keep your footing on the eroding, iron-rich rock as the trail hugs the cliff edge. Enjoy the western-facing cove for the early afternoon and expect the sun to disappear behind you early, which is perfect, because the road to Hana is quite the journey. Give yourself some time to head back to town in time for the perfect romantic anniversary dinner with a reservation at Mama’s Fish House – the best restaurant on the island.

Enderts Beach, California

Beautiful Enderts Beach, California, USA
Take a 20 minute walk to Enderts Beach, California, and enjoy one of the most beautiful tidepool beaches in the world. (Source: dariusofthedark)

If you are driving up Highway 101 in California and can plan a stop at Enderts Beach, do so and thank me later. This is not a swimming beach, but an epic, lengthly tidepool beach that epitomizes the California coastline.

Plan a trip during low tide. Spend some romantic anniversary quality time in Crescent City, then take 101 south for 3 miles and take a right on Enderts Beach road and park in the lot at the end. The view from the vista point is not to be missed. When you are done, walk the mile down to your destination. The trip will reward you with beautiful ferns, wildflower growth, tunnels formed by the forest, and spanning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Again, plan to go at low tide – then you can head all the way down the beach to the rock formations that give you a great view down the coast.

The Florida Keys, Florida

Reef Islands of The Florida Keys, Florida, USA
The clear blue waters of the Florida Keys make it one of the most romantic anniversary destinations in the U.S. (Source: SKSchicago)

The Florida Keys are a coral island cluster that form an elegant sweeping arch off the southern tip of Florida. Even more beautiful are their beaches. The subtropical climate will kiss your skin with delicate happiness, as most days outside of hurricane season are ones that will have you calculating how to retire earlier.

Highway 1 will take you to most of the islands off the Florida coast. If you want to take a break from the beach (I don’t know why), try snorkeling at the John Pennekamp State Park or taking a deep sea fishing tour. For the best lodging, stay at the Marquesa Hotel, Santa Maria Suites, or Orchid Key Inn.

Romantic Anniversary Destination Islands

Dry Tortugas Island, Florida

Private Anniversary Destination Dry Tortugas Island, Florida, USA
Explore Fort Jefferson – the largest masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere on the Dry Tortugas, Florida. (Source: BerniceCB)

While we’re talking about the southernmost tip of Florida, the Dry Tortugas islands are grouped at the very end of the Florida Keys and make a great anniversary destination idea. They seemingly gasp for air out of the shallow, crystal blue waters 70 miles west of Key West. The Dry Tortugas National Park is comprised of more than 99% water and houses shipwrecks, designated research natural areas, and Fort Jefferson.

After much deliberation, Fort Jefferson finally began construction on Garden Key in 1846. It was designed to be a site for the United States navy to thwart pirating in the Caribbean. This massive structure had a peak population of about 2,000, mostly military personnel. After you enjoy the history lesson, head over to any beach, lay out, snorkel, fish, and dream the day away on a group of islands like no other.

There are three ways to get to the Dry Tortugas. For day trips, there is a fast catamaran ferry, and even faster private charter, or the fastest: a 35 minute sea plane flight. No fresh water is provided on the island. Overnight stay is by campsite only, as the nearest hotel is on Key West Island.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Wild Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA
Gaze in amazement at the grace of the wild horses of Cumberland Island, Georgia. (Source: dougandme)

This island has many stories to tell. For example, the wood from the island was used to build the USS Constitution, aka “Old Ironsides.” In the 1880’s, the Carnegie family owned 90% of the island. They built a mansion on the original site of an earlier mansion called the Dungeness. This newer mansion burnt to ruins in 1959 in a fire rumored to have been started by a poacher who was shot in the leg by a mansion caretaker weeks earlier.

Take the Cumberland Island Ferry from downtown St. Mary’s, Georgia, since there is no bridge to this island. As a result, many animals take refuge on this island that would have a more difficult time in other exposed habitats. No matter what time of the year, you will be treated to the famous feral horses, the wild horse species that graze freely along the beach.

Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Diverse Island of Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Magestic cliffs launch out of the shoreline on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. (Source: Brian Howell)

A favorite of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is a little less traveled than the big island or Maui. This island boasts Mount Waialeale, known for being the wettest place on earth. Now, this may not sound like an awesome place to visit because of the rain, but it mostly only rains on the top of the mountain, leaving the surrounding beaches beautifully sun drenched. The horseshoe shape of the mountain, along with the steep elevation increase, tends to cup ocean clouds and squeeze out their moisture, seemingly without remorse.

View the resulting string of waterfalls that bounce down the mountain from Hanalei Bay Beach. There are a number of restaurants that have views so good they should be illegal. Head out to the northwest tip and hike the Kalalau trail to Hanakapiai Beach. The hike is 2 miles from Ke’e Beach, and most people can make it while packing a snack and a little water.

To strategically see both the southern and northern coasts of the Island, I recommend staying in Kapaa. Don’t miss the varieties of tuna poke at the Pono Market on the way.

Romantic Anniversary Destination Mountains

Big Sur, California

Mountainous Anniversary Destination Big Sur, California, USA
Take in some of the most amazing views in the world in Big Sur, California. (Source: post-ranch-inn)

Some of the most beautiful coastline in the world belongs to the mountains of Big Sur, California. The region gets it’s name from the Spanish settlers calling it “the big south”, meaning south of their settlement on the Monterey Peninsula. The area is a welcome break from the often crowded wine-tour areas of Carmel and Napa. Celebrate your romantic anniversary with a stay at the Post Ranch Inn, hike some of the most scenic mountainous coastline in the world, and enjoy the company of your loved one.

Sedona Mountains, Arizona

Red Rocks of Sedona Mountains, Arizona, USA
Hike, swim, camp, and shop during your anniversary in the beautiful and romantic Sedona Mountains, Arizona. (Source: Dan Sorensen Photography)

The brilliant red sandstone of Sedona are a sight to behold. You can enjoy hikes that range from easy to strenuous, natural streams and swimming holes like Slide Rock, or a bevy of campgrounds along some of the most beautiful land ever made. Helicopter tours, jeep tours, golf, and gambling round out the options available here. These mountains play host to a touristy art town, and do not fall short on the shopping. If you haven’t already, make sure you let the unique rock formations at this destination provide a quiet backdrop for your romantic anniversary at least once.

Adirondack Mountains, New York

Colorful Adirondack Mountains, New York, NY
The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York make a great anniversary destination in the fall for the colors, but is romantic all year round. (Source: friday1970)

The Adirondack Mountains are a unique and beautiful feature of upstate New York. Lake Champlain and Lake George add to what is a popular and romantic anniversary destination for many couples. Ski Mt. Pisgah in the winter or plan a canoe trip in the St. Regis Canoe Area during the summer. Lake Placid, the bustling and romantic tourist town, is just a stone’s throw from Saranac Lake, where many memorable getaways await.

If your anniversary is in the fall you are in luck, because this romantic destination lights up with color. Make sure you check the foliage calendar to hit peak season, or as close to your anniversary as possible!

Romantic Anniversary Destination Cities

New York City, New York

Energetic New York City, New York, USA
If you plan on never sleeping during your anniversary, maybe the city that never sleeps, New York City, is a perfect destination for you. (Source: Vivienne Gucwa)

You don’t need to stray far from the Adirondack Mountains to find yourself what many call the greatest city in the world. And no where can you spend more of that hard-earned money than the Big Apple. Sit in awe at one of the many Broadway shows, eat at some of the finest restaurants, or shop until you can’t hold any more bags on 5th Avenue. Nowhere is there a more famously romantic city park than the expansive Central Park. If you are here and celebrating your anniversary, make sure you take a stroll through no matter what the weather.

Catch “Book of Mormon” on Broadway if you can, as tickets are pricey and have quite the waiting list. Some people wait in line long before the show to see if there is anyone that gives up their tickets, but I would strongly recommend against doing that while on a vacation. Night boat tours around the island are also popular, but make sure to bundle up if it’s less than balmy outside. Jean-Georges, Le Bernardin, and Gramercy Tavern await your tastebuds and your checkbooks, but make sure you call ahead for reservations.

San Francisco, California

Hilly City of San Francisco, California, USA
For a hilly urban adventure with plenty of nearby escapes, head to the beautiful and unique city of San Francisco, California. (Source: priest6479)

We’ll stick with the densely populated cities and show you why Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Second in city population density behind New York, this city boasts a cable car system that makes you feel like life has slowed down. Your lover will feel like you have a heart of gold after treating them to this unique city – one that greatly benefited from the gold rush of 1849. Tour the Golden Gate bridge on foot or bike, former prison Alcatraz Island, and the Ghirardelli chocolate factory.

For a $2 tour, take the F line from Embarcadero to the eclectic Castro district. Walk along the fisherman’s warf to sing with the sea lions as they bark tunes out into the bay. And finally, make sure you eat some Dungeness crab. Lately, the dates they are seasonally available have varied, so check ahead. Stay at the Omni San Francisco, Hotel Drisco, or Fairmont Heritage Place.

Boston, Massachusettes

Historically Romantic City of Boston, Massachusettes, USA
While sometimes the city will get this cold, Boston is a sports town with typically hot teams. (Source: Werner Kunz)

Boston is a romantic destination for an anniversary because many activities can be done as couples. The city prides itself on the historic Freedom Trail, where you can hold hands and walk to the many important sites of the American Revolution. Take in a Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, or Red Sox game with many of the proudly supportive Bostonians. Or eat clam chowder, Boston baked beans, or a fresh lobster roll in one of the many delicious markets or restaurants.

When you are here, check for free music on the Esplanade or Copley Square. If you miss school, head over to Harvard Square and Harvard Yard. And finally, experience more history at the JFK museum. If you want to stay downtown and make your anniversary romantic, choose the Four Seasons or Hotel Commonwealth.

Romantic Anniversary Destination Towns

Savannah, Georgia

Sunny and Quaint Town of Savannah, Georgia, USA
Wander back in time through the historic port town of Savannah, Georgia. (Source: HisAndHerPhotographs.com)

Tourists flock to Savannah each year to take in the historic architecture and mild climate. Couples who need a slower pace for their romantic anniversary will love the downtown area, with the Victorian Home District, the Historic District, and 22 grassy square parks. What was once an important sea port, this town now boasts one of the most beautiful and relaxing rivers in the U.S. Take a ferry tour and let the day drift away as you explore the architecture from the water.

Towns are the perfect place to stay in a bed and breakfast, and of course, you can have an anniversary room decoration set-up in any of them, or any hotel in the United States. The 1865 Inn and Amethyst Inn at Sarah’s Garden are annually at the top of the rankings.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charming Town of Charleston, South Carolina, USA
I fondly remember visiting the 1500 year old Angel Oak tree in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. (Source: irmoTIMBALE)

Do you enjoy eating at top ranked restaurants, exploring old cities, and well-mannered people? Well then Charleston is the romantic anniversary destination for you. Charleston has claimed several restaurant awards usually reserved for larger cities, was founded in 1670, and is the often recognized for being the best-mannered place in the U.S. Make sure you explore the ritzy stretch of Charleston Harbor on the south side. Known as The Battery, this romantic neighborhood is home to some of the most beautiful southern mansions ever built.

For the beach goers, visit Sullivan’s Island or the Isle of Palms. There you will have plenty of time to mull over if you should make reservations at Husk, Fig, or Magnolias.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rustic Town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
No need to pray for a memorable trip when you visit beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Maybe a stretch for a town, but if you stay in the city center, it sure feels like it. It’s called the Plaza, a single block next to the Palace of Governors, and it’s surrounded by galleries filled with street vendors selling anything from native jewelry to carnitas.

Don’t miss a play or opera at the outdoor Opera House. When you are done with dinner, walk it off near the St. Francis Cathedral at night. On hot days, take shelter along with more than 120,000 displayed pieces in the Museum of International Folk Art. And finally, no romantic anniversary destination would be complete with a little time at the spa. Santa Fe has many, and if you are lucky you might be able to justify trying them all.

So whether your romantic destination for your anniversary is the beach, an island, the mountains, a city, or a town, we hope you make your anniversary a great one. No matter what the case, make sure you put some thought into it and make it special, because life is short, but memories last forever. From all of us here at Überoom, have a happy anniversary!

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