12 Most Romantic Engagement Proposal Ideas: In Pictures

Romantic Engagement Proposal Idea: Machu Picchu
We searched for the most romantic engagement proposal ideas and found the most epic, like this one at Machu Picchu. (Source: Matt Champlin)

Several essential conclusions jumped out at us. We found some great ideas, some bad ideas, and some mistakes to avoid. This is going to be the romantic story they tell their friends, if you so choose – your children, and even grandchildren. So take some time to plan it out. When the time comes for you to tell your friends and family, you’ll be glad you did.

Let’s talk what a romantic idea means to you and your loved one. First and most important, your ideal proposal is going to be vastly different from someone else’s. Only you know the best way to propose. Why? Because it has to be personal to your relationship. The more you show your partner you care about your past and how special those moments in time you’ve spent together mean to you, when remembering how you proposed for decades to come, the bigger their smile will be. A hiking trip to the top of a mountain to propose may be romantic to some, but it may not work for your metro-loving, never gets their hands dirty partner. By the same token, taking a canoe out to the middle of a calm lake for some quiet time might be a great idea, but not for your loved one if they can’t swim. Your partner fearing for their safety is not a way they will want to remember this moment. You can make it exciting, but also make sure your future fiancee feels comfortable.

romantic beach engagement proposal idea
Come up with an idea to make a beautiful proposal presentation on the beach. (Source: www.jonSpotphotography.com)

I promise we’ll get to other ideas, but first, about that hike. If you have a partner that has been literally pulling at your sleeve to remind you to schedule your next camping or hiking trip, then you should pick a spot somewhere amazing. There are too many ideally romantic places in nature to list, but make sure you can pull it off as smoothly as possible. Don’t pick a place during rainy season if they don’t like the rain. Don’t pick a place that doesn’t have facilities or a shelter nearby if you don’t have much experience camping. And don’t pick a strenuous hike if they aren’t used to hiking. All of these will make you look like a fool that doesn’t pay attention to your loved one’s abilities and habits, and nothing can be less romantic than that.

ideal proposal at sunset: Mt. Bonnell
Put some effort into a unique sunset dinner. (Source: michaelcummings)

As you can imagine, sunrise and sunset work best for that ideal romantic engagement picture, but try to make sure you can be alone. That’s the idea of being in nature in the first place, right?

orchard walk engagement proposal idea
Sneak away for some private time in an orchard for your engagement proposal. (Source: Out In The Cuts)

This couple made sure to hire a professional photographer, who also happened to be their friend. They were able to capture their proposal and all the emotion that went with it. While they were walking in a secluded orchard, as soon as she accepted she fell to her knees in a touching embrace.

beautiful mammoth falls proposal
To be alone, choose an epic natural setting like Mammoth Falls to propose. (Source: AGrinberg)

Well not completely alone, I guess. You need a picture of the moment! So if you can’t get a professional photographer for your proposal, make sure you figure out a way to get it done right. Picking someone with a big camera hanging around their neck, like this couple did at Mammoth Falls, is probably an ok way to go, so long as they email you the pictures. Make sure you exchange phone numbers as well. If you want to be completely secluded in nature, borrow a tripod. And if your loved one is not used to seeing you carry around a tripod on your hikes, come up with some excuse like “it’s the parents’ and they want a good picture of us together”.

proposal on the spot of first kiss
A great proposal idea is to go back to the spot of your first kiss. (Source: Nate Houle)

This couple did just that. A tripod played third wheel as they snowshoed up a mountain in Utah to the spot where they first kissed. This spot proved the most romantic idea for them, and I’m sure you have a few outdoors spots in mind by now. And for you city lovers, it’s now your turn.

wintery engagement proposal
Find some alone time for your proposal in the city like these two did in Central Park. (Source: kaityv)

Most people would probably agree, the more alone you two are, the more romantic the engagement proposal idea is. So even if you are in a city, there are secluded spots for you to get away. For New Yorkers, even though there are many other parks, it seems like Central Park is that romantic place. But why does seclusion play such a big part in what makes a proposal so romantic? I don’t know, but I figure it has something to do with allowing you the uninterrupted time to tell them why you love them so much, why you want to spend the rest of your life with them, and why they make you so happy.

another Central Park proposal
Try to get a professional photographer to capture the moment of your wedding proposal. (Source: rosina w. photography)

An engagement proposal is not just about that special moment, but about the build-up and time to follow. Holding hands is a key part of showing someone how much you love them, and if you are in a city with ice skating, either indoors or out, then you know you’ll be holding hands. If you can make this proposal idea more special by coordinating with friends to have the ice clear when you do it, that will remove any distractions and you time to say what you truly mean.

ice skating proposal idea
Skate into the heart of your loved one by finding some alone time on the ice. (Source: picture prefect)

elmo's romantic engagement idea
Make your partner laugh and get creative with a costume of a character that means something special to your relationship. (Source: calliebeaan)

But you don’t necessarily have to be all alone. Besides, maybe you two are the type that love to show off how much you love each other. That’s great as well, and personally, something I think the world needs a whole lot more of. This gentleman dressed up as Elmo in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, then beckoned his girlfriend over while he took off his Elmo head. While people snapped pictures (they already had their cameras out for the tree), Elmo got down on one knee and proposed in an display of unrestricted costume cuteness. If you can relate in any way, with as many romantic ideas with costumes as there are out there, your proposal could go in almost any direction.

solitude in London
Even in the city of London you can find secluded ideas to propose. (Source: Daniel Farò)

You can find some alone time almost anywhere in the cities. Even in the bustling metropolis of London, this couple found space in what’s known as the London Eye. It’s an interesting and modern type of ferris wheel, with romantic panoramic views of the whole city. Every city has something similar, and with the right planning, you can use almost anything to create the perfect romantic proposal idea and provide you just enough time to pour your heart out.

engagement in Italy
Find the ideal spot that has special meaning to your relationship. (Source: Ali-smile!)

No matter what the view, the number of people around, or even the weather, sometimes all you need is that special someone. You don’t even have to be outside. For a more controlled romantic environment, plan ahead to propose in a romantic hotel room. You don’t have to worry about the weather and can make an even more personalized experience. In the photo, this couple found the right place for their perfect proposal in the streets of Italy. Captured from above, this might have been the place where they first met, shared their first date, or even a first kiss. But no matter what, it was special for them, and that’s what matters. And with the right planning, I’m sure you will find the idea for your romantic engagement proposal that is perfect, just for you.